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The conditions have never been better: never before have so many ideally complementary environmentally and climate-friendly mobility and energy technologies been available, never before has the social will for change been so palpable.

We believe that a reliable regenerative energy supply is possible using hydrogen as a large-scale storage medium – one of the prerequisites for the energy transition finally expanding to become a transport transition. Acting on this conviction, we inform, inspire, and create connections between people with our events on the topic of hydrogen mobility.

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The WOCHE DES WASSERSTOFFS (#WDW) is a special initiative and a series of events for applications, projects and other activities around hydrogen in all sectors. Since 2019, it has taken place annually for one week in a different region of Germany and in 2023 for the first time nationwide.
Experts have long agreed that the biggest transfer process of our time – the energy transition – will only succeed with the smallest element known to us: Hydrogen. Because the energy carrier with the abbreviation H2 is needed to import and store sufficient clean solar energy, to replace natural gas, to melt steel, to fertilise plants and to power vehicles.
In order to make hydrogen and its diverse applications better known and to make discourse possible, the annual WOCHE DES WASSERSTOFFS (#WDW) invites people to lectures, expert talks, live streams, films, plant and laboratory tours, marketplace events and test drives. The #WDW thus vividly conveys the topic of hydrogen, with the aim of making hydrogen applications and developments, which often remain invisible in everyday life, visible and tangible for visitors on the event days.
The #WDW offers all protagonists an overarching communication and press work, a common platform on the web and integration into various social media channels. The events themselves are organised by the participating initiators on their own responsibility.
Among others, the WOCHE DES WASSERSTOFFS is supported by the federal states of the regions, energy agencies, networks, associations, ventures, event and media partners.
Since 2019 the #WDW2023 has been initiated by H2 MOBILITY Germany. It is planned, coordinated and implemented by the #WDW team (including Mona M. Kaluza – atelier für kommunikation, motum GmbH and Lars Gehlau – Visuelle Kommunikation).
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