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The conditions have never been better: never before have so many ideally complementary environmentally and climate-friendly mobility and energy technologies been available, never before has the social will for change been so palpable.

We believe that a reliable regenerative energy supply is possible using hydrogen as a large-scale storage medium – one of the prerequisites for the energy transition finally expanding to become a transport transition. Acting on this conviction, we inform, inspire, and create connections between people with our events on the topic of hydrogen mobility.

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WOCHE DES WASSERSTOFFS (WDW) is a series of events for hydrogen-related applications, projects, and other activities across all sectors. Since 2019, it has been held annually for one week in a different region of Germany.

The WOCHE DES WASSERSTOFFS events communicates the topic of hydrogen in a vibrant way. The goal: hydrogen applications and developments that often remain invisible in everyday life become visible and tangible for visitors. The focus is on sharing thoughts and ideas on hydrogen as an energy carrier.

We have been the initiator of WDW since 2019. We take care of the overall communication and press work, manage the WDW website, and report on the event in our social media channels. The WDW is supported by the federal states of the region, partners, and media partners.

We also create a film about the week. Its main motif is the blue ‘Hydrogen Sofa’, which stands in a different city or region every day and is used for interviews and activities with recognition value.
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Hydrogen refuelling in heavy-duty transport

Our H2 MOBILITY team has established the basic infrastructure for light- and medium-duty commercial vehicles in Germany. Now we are looking forward to making our contribution to emissions-free hydrogen-powered transport in the heavy-duty sector as well. At present, however, various technologies are still being developed for refuelling medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

In our PDF, we provide a comprehensive overview of the different refuelling technologies and their current state of development from an infrastructure perspective. It presents technical specifications of the individual hydrogen refuelling technologies, their advantages and disadvantages, the impact on the design and space requirements of hydrogen refuelling stations, as well as an initial assessment of their technological maturity and cost factors.

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