Keep on rolling – you’ll go far with hydrogen

With the operation of over 90 hydrogen stations in Germany and Austria, H2 MOBILITY Germany creates the conditions for clean, quiet and uncomplicated hydrogen mobility without restrictions. Driving longer distances, not wasting time charging, without sacrificing payload weight, cleanly and quietly – all this is possible with hydrogen (H2). The smallest molecule is the best alternative for commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses, but also for passenger cars with intensive usage profiles.

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At all hydrogen filling stations, hydrogen vehicles can fill up to eight kilos of H2 at 700 bar. This corresponds to the amount needed by small commercial vehicles. At a growing number of locations, it is possible to refuel medium to heavy commercial vehicles (e.g. buses, trucks) with up to 40 kilograms of H2 at 350 bar.

H2 CAR FUEL | for cars, light duty vehicles, garbage collectors

13,85 €/kg H2 at 700 bar

H2 TRUCK FUEL | for heavy duty like trucks and busses

12,85 €/kg H2 bei 350 bar
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Fortunately, there are more hydrogen station operators in Germany and Europe. So that you can simply be mobile without limits, we operate the H2.LIVE platform as a website and app with real-time information on the current status of all public hydrogen refueling stations. See where the next station is and when it is open, and navigate directly to it.

So you operate a public H2 filling station and would like to map it on H2.Live?

Please contact Robert Schönduwe, Digital Product Manager
TANK YOU VERY MUCH – Your hydrogen fuel card

The free H2 MOBILITY Card is a prerequisite for hydrogen refuelling at all public hydrogen filling stations in Germany.

You use the fuel card to authenticate yourself at the terminal. The card is also used to assign your refuelling data in the billing process. You can apply for your personal H2 MOBILITY Card in the H2.LIVE app or on the H2.LIVE website.

Hydrogen refuelling for heavy duty vehicles

Our H2 MOBILITY team has established the basic infrastructure for light- and medium-duty commercial vehicles in Germany. Now we are looking forward to making our contribution to emissions-free hydrogen-powered transport in the heavy-duty sector as well. At present, however, various technologies are still being developed for refuelling medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

In our PDF, we provide a comprehensive overview of the different refuelling technologies and their current state of development from an infrastructure perspective. It presents technical specifications of the individual hydrogen refuelling technologies, their advantages and disadvantages, the impact on the design and space requirements of hydrogen refuelling stations, as well as an initial assessment of their technological maturity and cost factors.

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