Project development, construction and operation of your h2 station

Looking for information on assessing your H2 filling station project, on planning, building, or operating an H2 filling station? We can help, as we have built more than 50 stations as project developers to date, and currently operate 90-plus hydrogen filling stations. Our portfolio includes filling stations with different pressure levels and various storage technologies. Benefit from our experience.

H2 MOBILITY SERVICES – Your partner for hydrogen filling stations

H2 MOBILITY SERVICES pools our knowledge and experience in all operational tasks, including network planning, permitting, procurement, construction, and operation of hydrogen filling stations.
We offer you full-spectrum services from project development to the operation of your H2 station. With us as your partner, you can handle an H2 filling station project from start to finish, or avail yourself of individual services.
We will be happy to advise you and provide you with an individual offer for your service package.
Project development
Needs analysis, profitability calculation, site assessment, or acquisition of funding? The mobility transition is coming and with it, new projects and tasks to be evaluated and calculated. We are happy to support you in this.

As the world’s largest hydrogen filling station operator, we have the necessary knowledge to make your project a success.
Planning and construction
We will handle the construction for you as a service provider – from tendering to commissioning.

You want to refuel buses or waste collection vehicles with hydrogen at your depot/premises? No problem. We will be happy to support you in selecting the right technology, obtaining permits, and awarding contracts. Or with the construction and commissioning.

We will serve as your service provider.
Benefit from our experience gained in the installation of more than 50 hydrogen filling stations.
We currently operate more than 90 hydrogen filling stations in Germany and other European countries, as free-standing facilities or embedded in existing filling stations. We are responsible for over 1,600 hydrogen refuellings per week or 200 tonnes of hydrogen refuelled per year.

Our expert team of technicians and engineers carries out around 900 maintenances, calibration measurements, vehicle tests, and refuelling tests every year. In a nutshell: our experience saves you money.


Your contact for operations
Frank Fronzke, Chief Operations Officer

Build with the European Champion
in Hydrogen Fuelling Stations

The HFS network is growing

We have achieved our first goal: the widest possible area coverage with hydrogen stations for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in seven German metropolitan areas (Hamburg, Berlin, Rhine-Ruhr, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich) and along the connecting trunk roads and motorways.

To ensure that the prerequisites are in place for a ramp-up of heavier-duty commercial hydrogen vehicles, we have been building larger H2 filling stations since 2021, primarily at locations where commercial vehicle demand can be expected in the short term, e.g. through local public transport. All locations also continue to serve the growing filling station network for H2 passenger cars.
Want to know where the hydrogen stations are?

As a website and app, our H2.LIVE platform provides real-time information on the current status of all public hydrogen refuelling stations in Europe. See where the nearest station is and when it is open, and navigate directly to it. Hydrogen mobility for unlimited travel and transport.

Station sizes – from cars to trucks

Hydrogen, the smallest element in our universe, moves cars, buses, commercial vehicles and trains. That is why there are different kinds of hydrogen filling stations: They may be publicly accessible or located in a service yard, integrated into existing filling stations or realised as stand-alone solutions. A few hundred kilograms or several tonnes are stored, under pressure or at low temperatures, in horizontal bundles, in high tanks, or on swap trailers.

At all hydrogen filling stations, hydrogen vehicles can fill up to eight kilos of H2 at 700 bar. This corresponds to the amount needed by small commercial vehicles. At a growing number of locations, it is possible to refuel medium to heavy commercial vehicles (e.g. buses, trucks) with up to 40 kilograms of H2 at 350 bar.

We retrofit aging H2 stations, build new stations, or replace existing stations with alternative locations. In doing so, we make sure to recycle as many components as possible.

Get individual consultation on your filling station project


Your contact for operations
Frank Fronzke, Chief Operations Officer