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Availability and performance of your plants

We currently operate more than 90 stations in Germany and other European countries – as free-standing facilities or embedded in existing petrol stations – with a team of expert technicians and engineers with nationwide experience.
Benefit from our experience and improve the availability and performance of your systems. Let us help your customers by booking our 24/7 hotline.

“Experience in operating stations not only increases availability and safety – it also saves money.”
Frank Fronzke, Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Customer service
• Offers for smooth hydrogen mobility with a customer focus
• Remote and on-site monitoring of the intended operating features
• Procurement and provision of feedstocks such as hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.
• Maintenance and cleaning of the facilities for good appearance and safety
• Regular facility inspections
• Maintenance scheduling
• Maintenance implementation
• Online monitoring of malfunctions
• Improvement and optimisation of facility features
• Performance and coordination of recurring inspections according to BetrSichV (5 and 10 years)
• Implementation of recurring EX protection as well as earthing and equipotential bonding tests / potential equalization tests
• Recurring calibration of systems
• Commissioning and optimisation of new facilities for transfer to regular customer operation with high availability and performance
HRS Connect
• The overarching monitoring system for manufacturer-independent HRS
In this overview for our ‘Operation’ service, we give examples of the sub-areas it covers.

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Frank Fronzke, Chief Operations Officer